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V. Van Dyke, Inc. was founded in 1949 in Eastern Washington by Verl Franklin Van Dyke and his wife, Doris. Deciding to uproot from Eastern Washington to the Greater Seattle Area in the 1950’s allowed the Van Dykes to expand their business and incorporate additional steering units. The business relocated one more time in 2016 to Tacoma, Washington.

V. Van Dyke, Inc. holds the record for transporting the longest girder in Washington. The 205 foot-long W100G girder was 16 feet loaded height. The girder weighed 254,000 pounds, and V Van Dyke showcased their capabilities through this almost “impossible” feat.

V. Van Dyke has transported equipment and structures through the United States, from the Greater Seattle Region, to Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, New Jersey, and beyond. After the Mt. St. Helen’s eruption in 1980, V. Van Dyke freighted in replacement steel and concrete structures to rebuild access for the public. Prior to the 2000 Olympic Games, V. Van Dyke transported ⅔ of the Steel Bridges to rebuild infrastructure in Salt Lake City, Utah. V. Van Dyke, Inc. carried 20 cranes to Mississippi for NASA’s fuel facility. For additional projects, click HERE.

Throughout the history of the company, teamwork, optimal equipment, and hard work have molded a reputation of success, and simultaneously setting the standards for heavy-haul processes. Contact V. Van Dyke today for your specialty transportation needs.

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