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Cultivated from years of planning, research, and execution, Amazon’s unique sphere-shaped office opened January 2018. Christened “The Spheres,” this glass building boasts flora and fauna from around the world, creating an innovative environment for employees and plant-lovers alike. Amazon’s horticulturists painstakingly transported thousands of exotic vegetation which would thrive in the greenhouse-like climate.

One of the inhabitants is a towering 49-foot rusty fig tree (Ficus Rubiginosa) named Rubi. Proudly displayed, she holds the title of “Largest Tree Planted in The Spheres.” Rubi’s 1,200 mile journey from Somis, California to her new home in Seattle, Washington can be viewed in Amazon’s footage below. V. Van Dyke, Inc. loaded Rubi onto their truck and successfully trekked through California deserts, steep mountain passes, and long interstate stretches, until finally arriving in Seattle, Washington. In addition to Rubi, V. Van Dyke, Inc. transported an additional smaller tree for Amazon from Fallbrook, CA. Upon arrival, Ness and Campbell Crane lowered Rubi through an opening in the glass roof, carefully depositing the tree in the designated section.

V. Van Dyke, Inc. is thankful to be a part of the groundbreaking project in Seattle with Amazon. To learn more about The Spheres in Seattle, or to book an HQ tour, visit Amazon’s website at https://www.seattlespheres.com.

Rubi's Journey to The Spheres

Watch a short documentary that features the V Van Dyke crew as they transport Rubi to Seattle.

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