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Sumner Warehouse and Transload Facility – 2005 Fryar Ave Sumner, WA 98390

V. Van Dyke provides 80,000 square feet of secure indoor storage, featuring loading docks and ground-level entrances for added convenience. Our specialty lies in efficiently handling materials from overseas containers and securely storing them until your customers require them.

Our warehouses are tailored for specific job materials and adaptable to diverse storage needs. We excel in managing various cargo types, including break-bulk, out-of-gauge, and heavy items. Additionally, our facilities offer a 16’ x 16’ ground-level door accommodating all trailer types, with a lifting capacity of up to 60,000 lbs., showcasing our exceptional flexibility.

When seeking dependable storage and expert handling for your freight, V. Van Dyke is the ideal choice. We prioritize security, implementing stringent measures to ensure the safety and accessibility of your materials.

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V Vandyke Storage Warehouse
V Vandyke Storage Warehouse
V Vandyke Storage Warehouse
Puyallup Storage Yard And Rail Siding – 13505 Pioneer Way E Puyallup, WA 98372

V. Van Dyke’s Puyallup Yard is conveniently located near SR410, SR167, SR161 and US99 Interchanges with Interstate 5 being just west. At this location we have an 8-acre laydown and storage yard. We also have Rail Siding allowing us to discharge Flatcars and Gondolas with various Steel Loads including Rebar, Steel Rod, Steel Coils, Fabricated Steel, Pipe and Piling, Sheet Pile, Steel Grinding Balls, and other various products. Several Heavy-Duty Lifts are onsite enabling us to lift as much as 60K in a single pick and more with double lifting procedures. Heavier loads can be accomplished with bringing designated cranes onsite for specific needs.

Whether you need Transloading, Railcar Discharge, Load Shifting, Laydown, Sorting and Inventory or Short Term and Long-Term Storage, V. Van Dyke can help you keep your project on track.

Please call (253) 200-2208 with your project needs and one of our Specialized Cargo Experts will work with you to arrive at the best solution.

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